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4 Tips for a High GRE Score

December 19, 2014 by

You don’t just want to increase your GRE score, you want to get a high GRE score. You’ve come to the right place. I’ve seen what sets GRE high scorers apart from the pack. Take note.

4 Tips for Achieving a High GRE Score

  1. GRE high scorers are really good at choosing their battles wisely.  They understand that they WILL be getting certain questions wrong on GRE Test Day, and that being perfectionists can hurt them (getting a problem right after 5 minutes of work is nearly impossible – which is why strategic guessing is sometimes necessary.)
  2. GRE high scorers recognize patterns that others don’t, so they are able to correct the mistakes they made previously on similar problems.  Meanwhile, others continue to make the same mistakes over and over and over again because they fail to see the similarities between the problem they’re working on and
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5 Ways to Avoid the “Naughty List” on GRE Test Day

December 17, 2014 by

‘Tis the season of making lists and checking them twice, and if you’re getting ready to take the GRE, you’re no stranger to lists right now—lists of GRE vocabulary, lists of prime numbers and Pythagorean triples, and to-do list that might seem to pile up at times.

There’s one list that you want to avoid during your GRE test prep and on GRE Test Day, however, and that’s the “GRE Naughty List.” Here are 5 ways to help you avoid getting a lump of coal in your stocking instead of a golden ticket to the grad school of your dreams.

1. Remember the unscored section.

The GRE test makers aren’t trying to be grinches when they put an unidentified, unscored “extra” quantitative or verbal section on the GRE. You could even say it’s nice that they give you the heads-up to expect this unscored section as … Read full post

5 Tips for Tapping into Graduate School Scholarships

December 15, 2014 by

Whether you’re going for your master’s or PhD, applying to graduate school might just be the next big step to fulfilling your lifelong career and educational goals. Exciting as this process can be, it may also present its challenges, especially when it comes to tuition and funding for grad school. With the average college debt for recent graduates nearing $30,000, it’s important to look toward options like financial aid and graduate school scholarships.

Tuition varies greatly among schools and programs, but no matter what the cost, graduate school is still an investment in your future. PhD and master’s candidates enjoy lower unemployment rates and higher salaries down the line than those with only bachelor’s degrees. Still, that beacon of future earnings doesn’t do much to take care of those hefty tuition bills right now. So what to do?

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7 Most Lucrative Master’s Degrees Series: Economics

December 12, 2014 by

Jokes about economists revolve around the common theme of uncertainty in economic theory. Enjoy these old digs:

  • An economist is social science’s bumbling weatherman.
  • It’s said that economics is the only field in which two people can share a Nobel Prize for saying opposing things. 

And while you might not ponder economic theory in line at the grocery store, economic policies have a lot to do with what you’ll pay for your bananas. Economists research, analyze, and forecast a variety of issues and have become essential in government roles and private industry. In fact, a master’s degree in economics is one of the most lucrative master’s degrees. puts a graduate degree in economics in the top 10 best-paying graduate degrees, with a median pay higher than engineering and computer science.

Path to Admission

A graduate education in economics is like, well, the economy: variable and idiosyncratic.

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What to Expect on GRE Test Day

December 10, 2014 by

You’ve made it. It’s GRE Test Day. You’re ready with your snack for the break, admission ticket, photo ID, and directions to the test center. You’re dressed in layers to make sure that you can adjust to any temperature, and you’re getting ready to go. You know you’re going to do a lot of math problems, read some passages, and write essays, but what’s really going to happen on GRE Test Day? A lot more than just the test, and knowing what to expect can improve your mindset (and your score).

What to Expect on GRE Test Day

Here’s what will happen on GRE Test Day from start to finish:

  • Arrive. Early. Aim to get to the test center early to make sure you can find the place and can account for traffic. This will also give you time to get used to a
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The Day Before GRE Test Day

December 8, 2014 by

What should you do the day before your GRE test day? It’s likely that you aren’t aware of the best course of action. I often hear students talking about their plans for the day before the exam – studying, cramming, doing practice problems all night, etc. Let’s try a brief quiz.

Select All That Apply

The day/night before my GRE exam, I should…

  • A) study all the topics I haven’t mastered yet
  • B) take a GRE practice test
  • C) go through vocab flash cards until my eyes hurt
  • D) re-read all my GRE study materials, take notes, and study for as many hours as possible
  • E) get a haircut, start a diet, or make another exciting change!
  • F) rest and relax – see a movie, go for a walk, do something calming
  • G) gather all of my materials (ID, snacks, etc.) for test day
  • H) get to sleep
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Hot New Career Path: Industrial-Organizational Psychology

December 5, 2014 by

This is brought to you by and Kaplan. and offer valuable resources to empower students of all ages to succeed in their educational and career journey.

Industrial and organizational psychology is the science of workplace behavior. It involves applying psychological principals to the workplace to increase employee satisfaction and to organize businesses for optimal productivity. If your job requires you to manage employees, or you want a job that does, studying industrial-organizational psychology can help. From business to sales to health care, understanding what motivates both your employees and your clients will make you a valuable asset to any organization.

Here are the basic facts you need to know about industrial-organizational psychology.
What is it?

Industrial-organizational psychology revolves around studying workplace behavior and organization. As the name indicates, it is the merging of two, inter-related psychological fields. On the industrial side, I-O psychologists apply their expertise to … Read full post

Use Your Scratch Paper Effectively for a Higher GRE Score

December 3, 2014 by

Scratch paper. Backs of envelopes. Corners of old bills. Napkins. Unserious writing material.

And yet, on the GRE – that most serious and humorless of tests – you are given something the test maker calls “scratch paper” to record every bit of work that isn’t in your head or on the computer screen.

Let’s change the paradigm. This is work paper, the one place where you do your work, separately, from what you send to be scored. Using this tool is essential to achieving your best scores on the GRE.

Initially, before you start your test, you will be given several blank sheets of paper. Each sheet will have two blank, usable sides.

  • The number of sheets you’ll receive depends on the individual test center; we’ve heard reports of three, four, five or six sheets of paper, sometimes in booklet form, sometimes single sheets.
  • If you use all
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5 Tips for Studying for the GRE

December 1, 2014 by

If you’re getting ready to apply to grad school by studying for the GRE, you know that some days are easier than others. As you’re working through piles of application documents and memorizing Pythagorean triples, it helps to remember you’re not alone on this journey.

It also helps to get tips from the experts so that you are studying for the GRE with a plan and staying motivated on your path. Here are five tips from Kaplan to help you along the way:

1. Don’t feel intimidated.

You already know that the GRE is a high-stakes test and that your score may determine which school you’re admitted to, how much scholarship money you’ll receive, or whether you’ll land a competitive fellowship or TA position.

It’s natural to feel some fear, but remember that the GRE doesn’t test or determine your intelligence. It’s a skills-based test, which means that, with hard … Read full post

7 Most Lucrative Graduate Degrees Series: Computer Science

November 28, 2014 by

Relying on computers has become so second nature in our lives that we take it for granted. Think about this: you are reading this blog post on a device many times more powerful than what was used to land Apollo 11!

With technology growing exponentially, there are highly advanced computers in everything from cars to washing machines, and there is a huge demand for people who understand computing. A master’s degree in computer science can not only put you on an almost limitless career path; it’s also one of the most lucrative master’s degrees you can pursue.

According to, a graduate degree in computer science falls solidly within the top 10 best-paying programs. As computing, data infrastructure, information technology, and security become more intertwined with our daily tasks, computer engineers are poised for top careers.

Path to Admission

Sure, there are many ways to work with computers … Read full post

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