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Financial Benefits of Grad School

September 29, 2014 by

By Ashley Lee on August 14, 2013

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Some of you are wondering why any student would go to graduate school after already investing so much time and money in an undergraduate degree. There are various reasons. Some people need a grad degree for their career or profession. Others simply feel tremendous passion for a line of work—a genuine interest in learning so enormous that the thought of going beyond a four-year degree makes the heart flutter and the love of education soar just thinking about it. It does for me.

Sure, grad school means more paperwork, homework, and dollar bills, not to mention more things to add to your Ultimate Life Goals list (Check out this grad school application checklist). But if you know where your … Read full post

Benefits of a Master’s Degree: Public Administration Spotlight

September 26, 2014 by

Earning a Master’s of Public Administration (MPA) can help you gain new skills and pursue your professional goals, but the benefits of a masters degree don’t stop there. I earned an MPA in graduate school and will outline what this interesting and flexible degree can do for you.

1)  What is an MPA?

An MPA is a professional degree for people who want a public service career in management. You will develop the skills and techniques to:

  • implement policies, projects, and programs that resolve societal problems
  • address organizational, human resource, and budgetary challenges.
  • focus on managerial and analytical skills

2)  What are the benefits of the MPA course load?

The MPA degree program is interdisciplinary, and most programs have a core curriculum for specific concentrations. Some programs offer creativity in building your own program with sponsorship, but most degrees include courses in:

  • economics
  • statistics
  • policy analysis
  • management
  • accounting
  • non-profit budgeting
  • Read full post

6 Healthy Study Drinks That Are Better Than Coffee

September 25, 2014 by

By Megan Weyrauch on September 5, 2013

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We’ve all been known to hit the coffee while studying

“I want a large Americano with two extra shots of espresso.”

I stare listlessly back at this customer, letting him know he just requested for his drink to contain twice the normal contained amount of espresso.

“Oh,” he adds, “better make it three extra shots then.”

As a barista, I encounter students from early morning until midnight who need some form of caffeine to help them get through just a few more hours of studying. I am not kidding when I say I have people order extra shots of espresso or larger sizes for that extra kick. The customer I described above wanted his large Americano to have … Read full post

Insights and Advice From a First Year Grad Student

September 19, 2014 by

By William Sharon on November 11, 2013

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Graduate school is a difficult concept for many students to grasp. The chance to focus on a more specialized field than provided by undergrad, coupled with the looming prospect of additional time spent in school is enough to evoke an aggravating sense of ambivalence. The decision to attend graduate school immediately following a four year stint in college is anything but straightforward. Therefore, the perspective of a person who has already experienced some of the payout of that decision is invaluable.

I spoke with Ohio State University graduate and dentistry school first year Hamza Dodo about what it is like to make the transition (and to glean some insight into the type of mindset that motivates a person to get … Read full post

5 Tips for Taking the GRE Again to Raise Your Score

September 16, 2014 by

If you’re not completely satisfied with your GRE score—verbal or quantitative—you might consider taking the GRE again after some additional practice.

While GRE practice is usually recommended, people often wonder if retaking the GRE after receiving a less-than-stellar score is really the best idea. While every applicant is unique and every grad school program has its own particular guidelines and preferences, there are a number of general factors to consider before deciding to test again and shoot for a higher GRE score.

5 Things to consider before retaking the GRE

1.    Taking the GRE multiple times will not harm your chances of admission. Last year, the ETS (Educational Testing Service—the makers of the GRE) introduced a new feature for test-takers applying to grad school called ScoreSelect.

The introduction of this option allows you to decide which test scores you’d like to send to schools. In other words, if you … Read full post

5 Transferable Skills for Veterans Going Back to Grad School

September 15, 2014 by

More and more veterans returning from military service in Iraq and Afghanistan are going back to grad school and leveraging their transferrable skills from their time in the military into winning applications that will help them in their new academic careers.

More than one million veterans have returned from service in the 13 years since the 2001 terrorist attacks, and they come back to face much higher unemployment rates than the general population. Going back to school for an advanced degree can help veterans unlock the good life by drastically improving their job outlook.

As a returning veteran, how can you emphasize the skills you have acquired in your military service?

Transferable skills for vets to highlight in their grad school applications

1.   Leadership 

Whatever your rank in the military, you’ve performed the role of both leader and follower. In grad school, you will often lead discussions, small groups, … Read full post

Grad School: The First Year

September 10, 2014 by

By Megan Weyrauch on October 22, 2013

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Where will you go after you earn your graduation cap?

Many students go to graduate school. What is the first year of grad school like? I spoke with two graduate students to get a picture of year one.

The students

Brooke Felts is a second year graduate student. She was a political science major and history minor at Denison University in Granville, Ohio. Felts is currently pursuing a master’s degree in public administration from the Glenn School of Public Affairs at The Ohio State University. She said she has a research interest in reproductive healthcare policy.

Felts described Denison as a small, residential liberal arts college.

“It was common to have classes with ten or less students and get … Read full post

Is a Graduate Degree Right for You?

September 9, 2014 by

Maybe you’re doubting your career path and starting to think that going back to grad school can help you break into a new field. Or maybe you’re still earning your bachelor’s and wondering if a graduate degree is the natural next step. The decision to pursue your master’s or doctorate is a personal one that depends on your personal goals, motivations, financial situation, and timeline.

Why grad school?

There are always compelling reasons—personally and financially—to go to grad school, whether you’re thinking of earning a master’s or a doctorate. Here are some things you can look forward to as the holder of an advanced degree:

  • Increased knowledge: When you are passionate about a particular topic or industry, your work life can be more fulfilling and rewarding. Expertise also leads to engagement.
  • Employment stability: A Bureau of Labor Statistics study found that in 2013 the unemployment rate for people
  • Read full post

3 Tips to Catch Up on Your GRE Studying

September 8, 2014 by

Need to catch up on your GRE studying?

Maybe you didn’t meet your GRE study goals last weekend because it was a holiday and you were busy barbecuing? Maybe your boyfriend visited before that, so you actually missed the whole week? Or maybe you couldn’t possibly have found time to study this month because you’ve been tirelessly finishing your papers for school like the model student that you are?

Hey, we’re not here to judge. Nobody’s perfect, and life can get hectic. It’s normal to miss out on some of your allotted GRE study time, but it’s also possible—thankfully—to catch up if and when you do.

Not only is it possible to catch up on studying for the GRE; it’s really quite simple.

In fact, simplicity is key. If you’ve been out of the game for too long, trying to force yourself back in it with an elaborate plan … Read full post

Top Master’s Degrees for Men and Women

September 4, 2014 by

A Kaplan colleague sent me a recent article on the top master’s degrees that graduate-level students go for, broken down by gender. I initially expected these results, which were first published in a report by the National Center of Education Statistics, to reflect very different choices, but what immediately jumped out at me were the similarities in what men and women pursue in their efforts to unlock the good life—the following two data points in particular:

  • The MBA is the most popular degree for both women and men. However, the percentage of each group that pursues this degree is very different: 22.3% of men get an MBA, while only 11.4% of women do.
  • Various degrees in education appear multiple times in the “Top 5” lists of most popular degrees for both men and women. Once again, though, there is a big difference between the specific degrees and programs that
  • Read full post


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