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GRE Study Break: Reading Comprehension

January 9, 2012 by

Reading comprehension is a section of the GRE that students are notoriously apprehensive about, and we have recently gotten a number of questions through Facebook and Twitter about how to best approach the sometimes dry and/or confusing passages. As always, we at Kaplan strive to provide you with a method that you can use to approach each and every question type efficiently and effectively. Practice with the Kaplan methods will build familiarity and, ultimately, confidence on any question type that you may be struggling with.

If you have 5 minutes for a GRE study break today (this allows time for the video, and a pause to read the passage), you can get some practice and begin to improve on GRE Reading Comprehension questions. Visit our YouTube channel and watch as Kaplan GRE expert Adi Hanash walks you through a Reading Comprehension detail question. You’ll see how to properly characterize your answer choices for the challenging “EXCEPT” question stems, and you’ll learn how to use the passage and research details to find the correct answers on GRE detail questions.


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