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ETS’s GRE Program Updates for 2012

May 4, 2012 by

GRE BlogIt’s not another test change, but ETS has made a few newsworthy announcements about changes to the GRE program that you need to know about.

Our team of GRE experts recently attended a virtual conference held by ETS and we are eager to share the full implications and timeline of these changes and how they will affect the graduate school admissions process.

  1. ScoreSelect.  Starting in July 2012 (exact date to be announced in June at – we’ll report as soon as we hear), ScoreSelect will allow GRE test takers to choose—after viewing their scores—to report to schools their scores from only the most recent test they took, or from all of the GRE tests they have taken in the past 5 years.  Additionally, if a student sends score reports after Test Day, the student can have full freedom over which scores to report: from any testing administration(s), not just the most recent. Test takers cannot report only Quantitative Reasoning scores or only Verbal Reasoning scores from a given test—results from any testing administration must be reported intact.  For more on the ScoreSelect option, go to:
  2. Taking a GRE test again.  Since the launch of the revised GRE in August 2011, test takers have only been able to take the GRE once per 60 days.  Effective July 1, 2012, individuals may take the new GRE once every 30 days, which is a big win for test takers, especially if they are late in the admissions cycle and are brushing up against application deadlines.  For more on the retake policy, go to:
  3. Another free practice test from ETS.  When PowerPrep II was released in July 2010, it contained only 1 full-length practice Multi-Stage Test.  In July 2012, PowerPrep II version 2.0 will be released, and it will contain 2 free full-length MSTs.  This software will be available for download from and will only work on a PC.  (Our realistic practice tests can be taken on a Mac or PC.)  There will also be an updated Official Guide coming out in August 2012 containing 2 additional practice tests (TBD if the 2 additional tests are paper-based or computer-based.)

Please post comments or questions about these changes on this blog page, or ask us via Facebook or Twitter.


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