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GRE Structure: Score Distribution

June 1, 2012 by

GRE BlogRemember the old 200-800 scale for the GRE? That’s a thing of the past. The new GRE scoring scale ranges from 130 to 170, and is reported in 1-point increments. Since the scores are so clustered together, small improvements in your performance can make a dramatic difference in your score and your competitiveness as an applicant.

The 50th percentile, or an “average score”, on the GRE is around a 149-151, depending on whether you’re looking at the quantitative or verbal section. If you are scoring at the 50th percentile in Quantitative, getting just 2-3 more questions right would push you up into the 60th percentile, which is above average and would push you ahead of tens of thousands of other applicants. In our new video, Kaplan’s Director of Graduate Programs, Lee Weiss, talks to you about the new GRE scoring scale and how it affects you.



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