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Top 5 Reasons to Take the GRE for B-School

August 22, 2013 by

GRE or GMAT examThere are now hundreds of MBA programs worldwide that accept the GRE for admissions. This is a new development over the past couple years, and you may be wondering why you would consider taking the GRE instead of the GMAT. Ultimately, it’s a personal decision, but we’ve compiled the Top 5 Reasons that you might choose the GRE as your b-school admissions test of choice.

1. It’s cheaper. The GRE is $185 vs. $250 for the GMAT. You don’t have to be an accounting whiz to calculate the savings there.

2. Score reporting freedom. The GRE ScoreSelect option allows you to send only your best set of scores to schools.

3. It’s great if you’re undecided. Maybe you’re not sure if you want to go to b-school or grad school. You can use your GRE score for both!

4. The test format. The GRE is a multi-stage test that adapts by section. The biggest advantage here is that you can skip around within a section and capitalize on your strengths, which you to gain points with careful time management.

5. You love studying vocab! It’s an important part of raising your GRE score – increasing your vocabulary. If you love studying vocab, this is the test for you.

Are you still debating which test to take? What were your reasons for choosing the GRE (or the GMAT)? Do you have questions? Ask us in the comments!


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