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How Would They Score on the GRE? The Walking Dead Edition

April 3, 2014 by

With the season finale of The Walking Dead behind us (I’m still recovering!), everyone I know continues to buzz over the thrill ride that was season 4. Don’t worry, no spoilers here, but it got me wondering how these characters, who deal with incredible life-or-death challenges, would fare if faced with taking the GRE. So, here are my guesses based on the characters as I’ve seen portrayed in the series and what I know about their lives previous to Walker-palooza (aka the zombie apocalypse.)

Dont Dead Open Inside








Rick Grimes

A small-town sheriff’s deputy who is wounded in the line of duty and wakes to a zombie apocalypse. An everyman, Rick struggles to cling to his moral code in the face of increasingly dire circumstances. Rick is sincere and hardworking, but his fatal flaw is that he second guesses himself and changes his mind too much – this would hurt his score on the GRE.

GRE Score: 156 Q, 158 V

Daryl Dixon









Daryl Dixon

A tracker and adept survivalist, Daryl struggles with finding his place in the post-apocalyptic world after abandoning his brother Merle in Atlanta. He’s more of a feelings guy than a books guy.

GRE Score: 153 Q, 154 V

Stay in the house Carl LOL







Carl Grimes

Oh Carl, why couldn’t you just stay in the house? Carl has trouble following directions and this would make for tough going on the GRE. He wouldn’t choose two answers on the Sentence Equivalence questions, he wouldn’t have heeded anyone’s advice to take a GRE prep course, and he’s really too young to have the vocab skills he needs for the exam.

GRE Score: 135 Q, 135 V







Glen Rhee

Glenn used to deliver pizzas for a living, probably because he was paying his way through engineering school or something equally serious. He has an impressive knowledge of shortcuts, and is agile, brave and resourceful  (Glenn takes an engagement ring off the hand of a walker and proposes to Maggie – this is a man who gets things done.) 

GRE Score: 160 Q, 160 V










A quiet but fierce warrior who saves Andrea from walkers with her katana blade after the battle at Hershel’s farm. She’s a mystery, but it’s obvious that there’s a lot going on inside her head – and her intelligent choices indicate that she can make good decisions.

GRE Score: 160 Q, 165 V













Before the zombie apocalypse, Andrea was a successful attorney, so she did a lot of reading in law school and has a fairly impressive vocabulary. However, she’s been known to make some dubious decisions (like dating the Governor) and seems to lack intuition.

GRE Score: 158 Q, 165 V

Eugene Porter






Dr. Eugene Porter

The group’s excellent new resident nerd, this scientist supposedly knows what caused the zombie apocalypse and shows impressive analytical and critical thinking skills.

GRE Score: 170 Q, 170 V









A Walker

Not really interested in the GRE, only interested in eating human flesh. This interferes with his ability to focus on studying for the exam.

GRE Score: None. Didn’t show up for the test. 

Other speculations? How would your favorite character score on the GRE? Talk to us in the comments!


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