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Free GRE Vocabulary Comic

October 27, 2014 by

gre vocabulary

Learning GRE vocabulary can be more amusing than a circus clown with a whale balloon. We bet you’ll never forget the meaning of the GRE vocab word DISPARATE when you conjure the image of Bozo and John and the different career paths they have chosen!

Strong vocabulary skills are will help you earn a high score on the GRE, and we often hear the question, “How can I increase my GRE vocabulary before Test Day?” The GRE Verbal Reasoning section tests your vocab in a few different ways. To master the verbal section on the GRE, you must start building your vocabulary as soon as possible. Flash cards, mnemonics, and other helpful strategies will ensure that you go into GRE Test Day with a strong vocabulary, ready to tackle the verbal section of the exam.

What jokes, tricks, and images do you use to remember your GRE vocabulary? Share your strategies in the comments or talk to us on Twitter or Facebook. You can check out these GRE Vocab Flash Cards to find a word worth knowing for the GRE. And, as always, you’re welcome to join one of our free practice tests to practice your GRE skills and get the answer to the ever-popular question, “What is a good GRE score?

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